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Zoo Force


Project Description: 

Get Inside the Magical Mind of Todd James with "Zoo Force"

When Zookeeper Walter Grebble inadvertently exposes the zoo animals to the transforming effects of a genetically altered Bio-Cuisine they transform into the super charged and indestructible Zoo Force.

Fortunately thy are just in time to fight off their evil nemesis the New Human League who want to get rid of all humans and take over the world. It’s up to Zoo Force to thwart their plans and restore the world to the natural laws of the jungle.

Created by Todd James and Funny Garbage for Cartoon Network’s Web Premiere Toons, Zoo Force is about good versus evil. Right versus wrong. Shirts versus skins.

The Zoo Force Main Characters and Logo Design
It's up to Zoo Force to save the World!
The front view of the Zoo
Meanwhile, back at the zoo . . .
The Four heros from Zoo Force
The Zoo Force Super Heros in Action!
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