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TeenNick / The N Website

Homepage for TeenNick
Homepage for TeenNick

Project Description: 

TeenNick is the ONLY place for Tween Girls to Hang!

Launched in 2002 to complement and promote the cable channel, TeenNick (formerly The N) quickly became a popular attraction in its own right, developing a loyal, energetic audience and providing the foundation for a far-reaching online community. FG work for TeenNick has included a custom PHP based CMS/publishing system for the site as well as several brand redesigns and an avatar-based social networking application called “Avi Mall”. FG created a groundbreaking video commenting application that allows users to post comments over specific moments in the TV stream (initially provided by Brightcove and then migrated on a proprietary MTVN media player). FG also created the “Screening Parties” application, which allows users to host a virtual party by customizing their own video channels from a library of clips, then invite friends to join in real time. In fact, the applications FG developed for TeenNick were among the first to be recognized as a new kind of entertainment for young people and were treated as “R&D” by MTV Networks. One of these applications, “The Video Masher”, was so successful that it won an Emmy Award.

The 2009 homepage for TeenNick
In 2009 The N was re-skinned TeenNick as part of the Nickelodeon brand overhaul.
The 2009 TeenNick games site
Along with the 2009 re-brand, TeenNick launched Game Pony as a satellite games destination.
The 2008 version of the homepage
The 2008 design refresh came with more page real estate allocated to images and video
The N Givies gift giving page
Givies enabled friends within the N community to share virtual gifts.
The hompage design for 2006 version of The N
The 2006 version of
The Crush-O-Gram flash gift giving activity
A virtual gift giving flash application was introduced for Valentines Day.
The Gift-O-Matt flash gift giving activity
The first iteration of virtual gift giving for The N came with this holiday themed avatar accessories widget.
The hompage design for 2004 version of The N
The 2004 version of included the TV schedule in the top navigation.
The original hompage design for The N from 2002
The original hompage design for The N from 2002.
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