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TeenNick / The N Avatar Based Video Commenting App

The Avatar Based Video Commenting application
The interface for the Avatar Based Video Commenting application for

Project Description: 

Reinventing Pop-Up Video for the Web with TeenNick

Continuing the rich tradition of spell-binding interactivity which is the cornerstone of our partnership, The N (now known as TeeNick) and Funny Garbage once again combined forces to create the Video Commenting, or Vommenting (I know, it sounds gross), system.

After mapping the system's information flow, FG crafted a custom interface for the Brightcove video syndication platform to stream original N programming. Pretty basic so far, right? Hold on, it gets better.

While watching the video, users are able to attach timecode-synced comments into the stream itself. Run through "dirty word" filters to ensure propriety, those embedded remarks will appear within the viewer window, along with the avatar and username of the commenter, during subsequent playback of the video clip. Viewers are able to refine the comment tracks to view only comments their friends have submitted, or even restrict the display of comments to specific usernames.

The web interface also allows for display of multiple ad formats: pre-roll video advertisements, banner ads capable of syncing to the active video clip, and ads placed within the lower-quarter of the viewer window itself provide The N and their advertising partners ample opportunity to monetize the player.

FG also developed a preview/production bundle of applications to bring select users' comments on-air. Chosen comments, usernames and avatars are published to SWFs and previewed through a custom Brightcove streaming video simulator. Once final selects are made and published, OACIS technology overlays the final SWFs on top of the "live" video feed at the moment of broadcast, leaving the original video track untouched. I may be biased but you have to admit: it's pretty slick!

The interface for the Avatar Based Video Commenting application for
Groundbreaking video player tightly integrated with avatar system creating an interactive "pop up video" style experience
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