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Teen Titans Title Animation

Thumbnail of the Teen Titans
Image of all the Teen Titans

Project Description: 

Awesome Graphics & Puffy AmiYumi Rock "Teen Titans" Opening Title

Funny Garbage’s rich knowledge of cartoon history combined with a mid-century graphic design aesthetic proved a perfect fit for Teen Titans, the Cartoon Network series featuring teen heroes fighting for truth, justice and the last can of soda in the fridge. Funny Garbage departed from the anime style of the show to incorporate the historical context of the Teen Titans legacy. The boldness of the logo parallels the brashness of the theme song to emphasize the superhero characters in a new medium. Many of the textures and graphical elements used in the opening title sequence were physically created and then scanned and treated in Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. The sequence is dominated by original typeface as flat elements and graphic shapes rotate to create the back-story of the five Teen Titans characters.

Image of all the Teen Titans
Transitional clip from Teen Titans opening
The result of combining cartoon history with mid-century graphic design!
Robin from Teen Titans
Robin: the leader of the Teen Titans!
Detail of one of the transitions
Shot of Robin kicking in mid air
Image of Robin with shadows of city building in the background