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The Smoking Gun Website

Detail of the The Smoking Gun landing page
Landing page for The Smoking Gun

Project Description: 

Psst - Big Tip: Smoking Gun Gets Brand New Site

Turner hired Funny Garbage to transform The Smoking Gun, which has been posting salacious documents, breaking stories, and celebrity embarrassments since 1997, into a viable 21st century news and entertainment hub with vastly increased advertising revenue. Turner acquired the site as part of a larger acquisition of the Court TV cable network.

The Smoking Gun had not been redesigned in over ten years and the site was running without even the very basics of a modern site: a Content Management System, the ability to archive stories, or a page layout to fit the size of today’s standard monitors. Our challenge included a complete overhaul starting with a visual brand refresh, an entirely new user interface and information organization, and a customized Drupal Content Management System.

First, we divided the site into user friendly sections, created a style guide which included a new logo and brand guide, and even added new features such as a “Random Demand Section” to showcase shocking celebrity performance demands and a breaking stories blog called “Buster”. Next we integrated the site into Turner's ad publishing and analytics systems, streamlined their reports and images, created a database, and made it possible to upload hundreds of mug shots with a simple batch capture tool. Additionally, we streamlined the site’s game creation tool to enable the editorial staff to publish new versions of one of their most popular hits: Mug Shot Matching Game.

FG was able to transform The Smoking Gun into a viable modern web brand, keeping both the original founding editor, and it's new corporate owners at Turner, happy and productive.

Homepage page for The Smoking Gun
A tabloid design approach allows content to be organized and bountiful above the fold
An example of the Buster Blog article page on the Smoking Gun website
The blog, named Buster, seamlessly melds into the site allowing for a more holistic user experience.
An example of the Time Waster on the Smoking Gun website
A hilarious activity given a makeover with html drag and drop functionality
Example of The Smoking Gun site before the FG redesign
The original site had a fraction of the functionality the overhaul brought
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