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Sesame Street in The Big Moving Adventure

Sesame Street Moving App
Sesame Street Moving App


Project Description: 

Mobile App Making Moving Homes Safe and Fun for Kids!
Sesame Workshop partnered with the Department of Defense in asking for a tool that would help kids cope with the difficulties of frequent moving.  Funny Garbage created a cross-platform app that would be both an effective tool for parents and an ejoyable, immersive experience for kids. The resulting app, created in Adobe Flash Professional and published as an Adobe Air for Mobile native app, leads kids through an array of activities designed to educate and entertain, all while focusing on the theme of moving. 
Funny Garbage made this app a deeply imaginative environment, relying on the long history of Sesame Street characters that everyone knows.  Kids can create a muppet friend who leads the child through the ups and downs of moving to a new town.  Interactive environments let children say goodbye at their own speed and gradually immerses them in their new home.  The app has broad appeal as it enables children to process and cope with complex emotions in a safe and fun way.
Design a muppet that represents you
The first step of the app is where children design a character to represent themselves using a mobile friendly, swipe optimized interface.
Saying good bye
Cartoon scenes that mimic real life experiences help children to grasp the concept of saying goodbye to familiar places, like the schoolroom in this instance.
Game board interface
The app prepares children for relocation in a gamified experience. The various steps of the process are treated in a game-board inspired design.
Unpacking the new house
In this cross section example of a new home, children can immerse themselves by virtually helping to unpack and settle in.
Unpacking your new bedroom
Next the child's belongings are unpacked in their new bedroom.
Welcome to Sesame Street
The last part of the moving process is a walk down the your new street, which turns out to be Sesame Street with all your favorite characters waiting to greet you!