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P.S. for Aéropostale - Happy.Fun.Cool.

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P.S. for Aéropostale Opening Animation

Project Description: 

Holiday Apps on Facebook, iOS & Android

Stemming from the success of "snowflake yourself," the previous year's holiday campaign app, P.S. Aeropostale and FG collaborated again to create a fun and family-friendly “Happy.Fun.Cool. App" as part of their 2013 holiday campaign. 

This tween app incorporates pictures taken or chosen from the user's photo album, and then creates a funny customized video from 7 different scenarios. In addition to the option of playing alone, users can add up to two people in the video. Then two photos with different facial expressions are taken or picked for each person in turn. Users will get a surprise outcome because the scenario is determined by the number of people in the video and their gender. This incentivizes users to engage and play multiple times.

This viral video creation tool is offered in a variety of platforms, which include Android, iOS, Amazon and Facebook. The user can share a link to the video via email, Twitter, or Facebook, and it leads to the html video page which enables a wide range of viewers to watch videos in their browsers or devices.

P.S. for Aéropostale Holiday App Main Screen
This addictive holiday app can be played with on iOS or Andorid devices as well as on Facebook.
P.S. for Aéropostale Holiday App
All you do is take selfies of your and your friends to create a hilarious video.
P.S. Aéropostale Holiday App Main Screen
The funnier the facial expression, the better the video.
P.S. Aéropostale Facebook
You can share the video on your Facebook wall, email, and twitter.
P.S. Aéropostale Video Play
Your friends and family will love watching your video and be inspired to make their own.