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PBS Kids Sprout Website

Image of a day-time version of the Sprout interface
The Sprout Homepage display with illustrated calls to action


Project Description: 

Grow & Grow & Grow With PBS Kids Sprout Website

FG’s passion for children’s entertainment and culture allowed us to be true creative partners with Sprout to develop a compelling site and flexible online infrastructure that will continue to grow with this exciting new network.

Our sophisticated team of graphic designers translated Sprout TV’s hand-drawn watercolor aesthetic to the web, balancing a homemade, collage, sensibility with clear and intuitive information design. Funny Garbage’s Flash programmers and user interface designers collaborated to create a unique interface that presents the majority of Sprout’s original content directly within the homepage environment. This draws the user immediately into the fun and provides him or her with a sense of familiarity by presenting the activities and show information within the context of a cohesive Sprout world.

The main interface also combines animation and sound in order to provide aural and visual cues and feedback for kids of all levels, while providing Sprout with a variety of compelling options to promote specific content and features. An entertaining and engaging user experience combined with great content is the core of a successful children’s web site. merges an innovative and playful user interface with original games and activities featuring favorite children’s characters like Angelina Ballerina, Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Sesame Street, and others. The site’s activities are focused and directed while conveying a sense of limitless imagination in a safe, nurturing environment.

The design elegantly interprets the on-air look and feel to the web platform, creating seamless continuity between the web and TV while extending it in exciting new directions.

The Sprout Homepage display with illustrated calls to action
Good night homepage.
Image of a day-time version of the Sprout interface
Bringing the page to life with this "Let's Grow" Flash activity!
A game where users grow special plants that bear musical instruments
What will grow from the magic seed!?
A connect the dots activity for Sprout build in Flash
Oh connect the dots...those were the days!
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