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PBS Kids Dash's Secret Treasure Game

Thumbnail of Dashs Secret Treasure Box
Opening Screen Displaying Dashs Secret Treasure Box.


Project Description: 

PBS Kids' Dash is Cool & Playing His "Secret Treasure" Game Rules!

Our history of success creating products and applications for the children’s market, combined with our experience with tying online and on-air projects together made for a natural partnership with PBS Kids: the premiere brand for children’s educational programming.

FG sought to develop a multi-dimensional experience for 2-5 year olds watching PBS. By creating graphic animation for broadcast tied to gripping online game-play, FG succeeded in linking television and the web in the minds of young viewers and their families.

For Dash's Secret Treasure Game, our team of Flash animators designed and produced fifteen 80-second TV spots that drove young viewers online to play fifteen corresponding instances of a flash game. During the on-air segments, Dash prompted kids to play along with him from home, encouraging them to visit to retrieve their secret “treasure” online.

By successfully engaging the interest and imagination of children, FG not only helped strengthen young viewers’ bonds with Dash, but with the entire PBS Kids brand.

Opening Screen Displaying Dashs Secret Treasure Box.
What's in Dash's Secret Treasure Box!?
The Memory Game state for Dashs Secret Treasure Box
Memory game: match the cards!
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