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Oogieloves Website

Home page of Oogieloves website thumbnail
Home page of Oogieloves website


Project Description: 

Get Your Oogieloves Dance On

The Oogieloves are a loveable trio of characters sure to get any preschooler up and dancing. Funny Garbage redesigned The Oogieloves’s website in the lead up to the release of their first movie. The rebranded website design emphasizes the rich world and characters.

The website contains a tablet friendly section of streaming songs and video clips, character profiles, and information for parents. Hidden “Easter Eggs” launch bonus songs and video in the mobile and desktop versions.

For desktop users, we created a redesigned experience of the shell that contains their previous games, authored in Flash (this section is hidden from iOS users). This interactive tableau empowers kids to explore the world of LovelyLoveville. Each scene features hidden Easter Eggs and a link to one of the games. Funny Garbage also created two new Flash games for this section including a connect-the-dots game and a bubble popping game.

Home page of Oogieloves website
The homepage is divided into kids content above the fold and adult content below. Large characters and video player were key.
Explore LovelyLoveville flash game scene
Explore LovelyLoveville featured exploratory destinations from the movie, this one is the from the Treepot scene.
Explore LovelyLoveville flash game bubble popping game
Within the destinations in the Explore LovelyLoveville flash experience, were minigames like this one where you pop bubbles.
Oogieloves website songs and videos page
Two vertical carousels for songs and videos was innovated allowing a large video player with both content types above the fold.
Oogieloves website printables page
The printables page was designed to accomodate existing content and have the ability to add more.
Oogieloves website meet the Oogieloves page
Having the characters be large and impactful was a requirement for the project.
Oogieloves website cast page
The parents section is extensive. This tab in it showcases the cast who play vignette roles in the movie.
Oogieloves website before Funny Garbage redesign
The initial version of the site was all flash. The characters were minute and the experience was confusing and hard to navigate.
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