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Oogieloves Mobile App Game

Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app thumbnail
Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app title screen


Project Description: 

Mobile Milkshake Mayhem


Funny Garbage was hired to build a mobile app for Kenn Viselman’s The Oogieloves franchise. This free app (available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in Google Play and Amazon’s App Store) targets 3-5 year olds.

Gameplay requires players to use the “spoon catapult” to toss cherries, cookies, and marshmallows into milkshake glasses on a moving conveyor belt. There are several milkshake colors and players must match the color of the topping to the color of the milkshake: cherries in the red glass, cookies in the brown glass, and marshmallow in the white glass.

The character, Ruffy, serves as a timer along the right side. In order to proceed to the next level, players must fill all of the glasses before Ruffy finishes his milkshake. With each level 
there are eight in total  the gameplay gets progressively more challenging.

The app was authored in Flash Professional and published as AIR for iOS and AIR for Android. Performance of the app was one of our major concerns. Our solution was to leverage the Starling code library, which enabled us to use the GPU on the device for handling its graphics and achieve an astonishing frame rate of 60 frames per second!
Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app title screen
The game is inspired by a scene in the movie, TheBig Balloon Adventure, which takes place in a diner shown on the title screen.
Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app level select
A system of levels are revealed as the player becomes more adept at shooting toppings at milkshakes.
Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app game screen
The aerial view lends itself to the experience of shooting across the diner at milkshakes on a conveyer belt
Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app game screen
As the levels progress the conveyer belt configurations become more complex.
Oogieloves Milkshake Mayhem app end screen
When the game is over the player is rated out of five, and encouraged to move on to the next level!
  • Apple Store
  • Google Play
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible