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Noggin Scribblevision App

Project Description: 

Scribble, Animate, Scribble, Animate!

Scribblevision is an online “animated coloring book” that Funny Garbage developed for Noggin, the children’s cable network.

Created as an online activity to promote characters and shows that appear on the Noggin digital cable network, Scribblevision invites children to color in Noggin-themed coloring book pages; when users have finished coloring, their drawings come to life through exciting animation and sound.

Users color in animals, characters and other objects and then watch their creations animate, accompanied by sound and a story. Although other drawing and coloring applications exist on the web, this application is unique in that it animates the user's actual drawing. The more complete the coloring - the more spectacular the animation.

Although the basic interface stays the same for every book of the activity, the application is remarkably flexible. Scribblevision can be used to tell a linear story over a series of pages, or for self-contained single-page animations. The paint colors can change from page to page depending on the palette of the featured characters or program. Additionally, the coloring book can feature voice-over narration, as well as visual representation of story and instructions. It is also possible to draw "in the lines" or create a free-form area in which users can draw whatever they like.

FG’s design and technology teams collaborated to develop the Scribblevision application to be fast-loading, graphically rich, and easy to use. We used Shockwave 6 to build the back-end application and Flash 5 to create the animation patterns for the drawings.


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