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Music To Go Website


Project Description: 

Music To Go Website

You know how you hear a great new song on the radio and wish there was an easy way to download it? Or how about catching a snippet of a tune in a coffee shop or passing car and wish there was a way to find out about the artist? Well with Music To Go, your wish is our command.

Music To Go is an innovative application that not only allows for consumer downloads based upon station playlists but is also set up to give away songs as part of promotions and sponsorship deals. Currently employed by roughly 250 stations across the country, Music To Go provides other digital applications such as streaming media, blogs and games for the ever-curious music listener. Funny Garbage developed a flash interface to be the foundation of the Music To Go business through the creation of music download stores that are able to be customized by genre of music and individual radio stations.

Take your pick; pick a genre!
Download a song you heard on the radio using this Download tool!
Power 99 has a download tool and so does Kiss 108!
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