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Multi Screen Group Gaming

The World's Largest Digital Gobslopper
The World's Largest Digital Gobslopper


Project Description: 

Multi Screen Gaming: The World's Largest Digital Gobslopper

Funny Garbage was inspired to create an example of multiscreen gaming by creating the World's Largest Digital Gobslopper! This engaging, interactive "tongue" and cheek art installation was made to entertain guests at a loft party in New York City.


Party guests join the game by scanning a QR code or entering a URL on their mobile devices. After entering their names and picking a tongue color, the challenge begins. Players drag thier fingers on thier mobile devices causing thier tongue avatars to virtually lick the giant gobslopper that is projected onto a wall for all to see.


Layers are licked away until the Gbslopper has been consumed. The player who licked the most is the winner and recieves a prize.


On the technical front, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript were used to create the game logic and render the multiple tongues on the big screen. Node.js opens up socket connections between the server running the game engine and each players smartphone. A synchronous connection is therefore made between the remote clients' controllers and the server resulting in players having direct control over gameplay and immediate visual feedback.

Gobslopper: QR Code
Multiple guests at an event use their phones to scan a QR code to access the game
Gobslopper: Mobile Screen
After entering their names and (in this instance) choosing a tongue color the game is on!
Gobslopper game play
Using their phones like remote controls, the race is on to see who can lick the most layers off the virtual gobslopper
Gobslopper: Party
Many players and many rounds with many prizes for the winners make for an engaging interactive event
Watch Gobslopper's promotional video!
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