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Mattel MyMeebas Website

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Project Description: 

MyMeebas Land At a Store Near You

When Mattel Inc., one of the world’s largest toy-importing companies, approached Funny Garbage to develop and produce a website to tease and launch their new My Meebas toy line- the FG team dove right into the mysterious and whimsical world which is now!

FG’s team of graphic designers and flash animators brought the My Meebas product to life in an online environment prior to the toy’s introduction while creating a buzz around the brand to encourage future purchases once the product was revealed. In a three-phase endeavor, began as a teaser site with an interactive game and product demo, while keeping the anonymity of the actual toy, in order to demonstrate why the product was so exciting and desirable to young girls. The site transformed into an extensive virtual setting that mirrored the aspiration to collect multiple My Meebas by interacting with animated versions of the toy within the exploratory environment.

With viral marketing elements to expand audience curiosity, encouraged multiple purchases, as well as the excitement to return to the robust site to play and interact with My Meebas. FG also produced a variety of My Meebas flash and rich media banners where were dispersed throughout the website in order to drive traffic to the site. demonstrated FG’s variety of talents through animation and the ability to embody a brands identity by emphasizing the product’s unique characteristics through a quirky online environment. While creating an inquisitive user interface and developing interactive games, FG was

MyMeebas MyMeebas Home page
MyMeebas Games and Play landing
Image from one of the Mattel MyMeebas games
Image from one of the Mattel MyMeebas games
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