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Luaka Bop Website

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Luaka Bop homepage


Project Description: 

Let David Byrne & Luaka Bop Turn You On!

Funny Garbage was honored to create an online identity for one of the most innovative and respected record labels in the world, Luaka Bop.

Founded by David Byrne, formerly of Talking Heads, Luaka Bop represents a diverse group of talented musicians from around the world. Our challenge was to construct the entire online identity for the label, while incorporating the revolutionary flavor of the music.

The results were phenomenal: startling, exhilarating designs that received industry recognition and an effective exploration of the power of direct artist to fan communication on the web.

Entertaining features found in the “Toy Box” section of the site included streaming random playlists of Latin, Brazilian, and African music on the fly, so users could get a unique experience with each visit.

The site was been so successful that Adobe Systems featured the Luaka Bop site on the packaging and as a tutorial in versions 3.0 and 4.0 of GoLive Cyberstudio software.

FG has also designed album covers for some of our favorite Luaka artists including Brazilian musical legends Os Mutantes and Tom Ze.

Luaka Bop homepage
Welcome to Luaka Bop! Launched in 1998.
A product listing page displaying compilations
An HTML interactive map touting compilations.
Product detail page for the Asia Classics 1 Compilation on Luaka Bop
Album pages exude individuality through collaged imagery.
Product detail page for a Cuban Compilation on Luaka Bop
A simple HTML layout facilitates sophisticated artwork on this compilation page.
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