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Library of Congress Storybook Adventure

Thumbnail of the Wizard of Oz scene
The Storybook Adventure Landing Page

Project Description: 

Library of Congress Gets Old School with Storybook Adventure

With millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections, the Library of Congress is the largest and most diverse library in the world. So when Funny Garbage was approached to create a site for their Lifelong Literacy campaign, we strove to produce a unique experience that would encourage young readers to explore the many great classics of literature.

Our team of talented designers created a series of rich flash activities where the user is presented with a fantasy environment that combines themes from several classic works. Users move through various realms that revolve around a character in the respective work and answer questions related to the stories. Along the way they’re also able to collect treasures that can be used to create an e-card to send to their friends, thus creating a viral effect to drive other users to the site.

The Storybook Adventure Landing Page
Create an e-card and send it to a friend!
Viewing a scene from the Wizard of Oz Storybook Adventure
Make your own classic story scene!
The interface for saving a scene created in the Storybook Adventure application
The Storybook Gallery of saved images
The photo gallery full of personal touches!
A scene from the Aladdin Storybook Adventure
Bringing fantasy to the classics; Aladdin, don't rub the lamp!
A scene from the Little Mermaid Storybook Adventure
The flying monkeys scene from the Wizard of Oz Storybook Adventure
The Genie Scene from the Aladdin Storybook Adventure
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