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KidzBop Website Brand Refresh & Mobile Site

KidzBop Mobile Website Main Image


Project Description: 

Spotlight on You! KidzBop Website, Mobile Site, Gamification, Badge System, and Brand Refresh

FG has collaborated with KidzBop on multiple projects, including the makeover of the website featuring a custom badge system, and the creation of a mobile site.  

Kidzbop approached Funny Garbage when they needed a navigation and content organization refresh to enhance their website user experience. FG created a more sophisticated look to appeal to a wider range of age groups. The Homepage navigation was totally redesigned, creating a clean and intutative interface providing easy access to key pages. FG expanded the personal profile section of the site, creating the go-to area of the site for users to collect, connect, and personalize their experience. Using "My Board", members can personalize their profiles with decorations, photos and videos, stickers, and SWAG. Socializing has never been easier on KidzBop! 

One of the most popular featueres we cared for the website is the "SWAG" badge system for all user types on the site. Badges are awarded to users based on their achievements, either on the duration of their membership (K-Factor), their contribution to the overall content of the site (Skillz) or their accomplishments in games (Epic Wins). This created an incentive for users to continuously engage on the website. 

Funny Garbage also created a mobile friendly site for members on the go. In this adaptive version of the redesigned KidzBop, users can easily access key pages including a tailored Homepage, My Profile, and the newest contest Kidz Star USA, a competition where the winner gets to record and appear on KidzBop Music Video and commercial.

KidzBop Mobile Site
Users can stay connected on KidzBop Mobile Site
KidzBop Website Homepage
New KidzBop Website Homepage with a more sophisticated look.
KidzBop SWAG Badge System
SWAG can be earned by engaging with the content and activities on the website.
KidzBop Website Member Profile
Member can personalize their profiles with "My Board."
KidzBop Website Before Redesign
The KidzBop website before the Funny Garbage Redesign.
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