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Kids WB / DC Beyond Website

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DC Beyond Cartoons and Comics Homepage


Project Description: 

A Family of Sites for Kids WB / DC Beyond / Scooby Doo / Looney Tunes

Funny Garbage teamed up with Warner Bros Animation to develop the user experience and visual design for their family of related sites including Kids WB, DC Beyond, Scooby Doo, and Looney Tunes.

The site architecture was designed to work with each of the individual properties, to support both legacy and newly planned content, and to work seamlessly with their existing content management system. FG started the redesign with Kids WB, tailoring our new architecture to be extensible and forward thinking while accommodating the already existing site framework. The next step was to collaborate with the team at DC Beyond comics, to extend the architecture to allow for their content types. This new infrastructure was then used by the FG and WB staff to re-skin the Kids WB, Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes sites.

Funny Garbage added new user-centric features to the site including a a global rating system to allow users to rate content such as games and video across all Kids WB sites, and a web community feed reflecting user activities (rating, favoriting) on the site’s homepage. FG then took the lead in guiding third party entities through the integration of flash modules into page templates as well as implementing templates into the pre-existing CMS.

DC Beyond Cartoons and Comics Homepage
The page background can be used another vehicle for advertising.
DC Beyond games module
Interface chrome designed to appeal to boys.
DC Beyond downloads module
Scalable color coded app-like interfaces.
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