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HTML5 Drawing Mash-Up

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Project Description: 

Flip, Draw, Share & Play Flipits!

Flipits is a viral community based “exquisite corpse” drawing tool created by Funny Garbage.


Players use a sophisticated HTML5 illustration tool to draw body parts: a head, body or set of legs. The drawings are then contributed to the collective pool of images so users can combine them, however they want, to make all sorts of zany characters.


Using a Facebook login, users can create their own Flip-its drawings and share their complete artwork via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. The application features community moderation and focuses on a crowd-sourced content strategy. By collecting drawings from the online community, Flip-its updates instantly with new graphics for infinite mash-up possibilities.


The application was created using HTML5 to maximized the experience for both desktop and tablet users.


Flip: Discover fascinating combinations of drawings


Draw: Unleash your inner artist


Share: Fantastic creations with your friends and family

Flipits: Flip
Flip! Create zany, mixed up characters online with your home computer, tablet, or mobile touchscreen device.
Flipits: Draw
Draw! Sign in with your (or a parent's) Facebook login to access the drawing tool where you can create your own Flipit drawings.
Flipits: Share
Share! Select a head, body, and legs and share your creation with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Email.
  • Desktop
  • Tablet Compatible