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HarperCollins Inkpop Website

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Project Description: 

Harper Collins Gets Their Tween on with Inkpop Fan Fiction!

Inkpop is a writing community for teens and those who write for teens, that bubbles up the best work for a chance to be read by a HarperCollins Publisher with the goal of being published, or as Funny Garbage likes to call it: crowd-sourced publishing.

Writers can post their books, short stories, book ideas, letters and poetry. From the pick list, the Inkpop community chooses their favorite pieces and has the option give to constructive criticism in the comments area. The more people like the stories, the higher up they are on the pick list chart. At the end of the month, Editors from HarperCollins review the top five writing projects in fiction, short writing and poetry. .

Community members are also ranked based on the constructive criticism they give writers (critics) and for the ability to spot great writing early on and place them on their pick lists (trendsetters).

FG created an ecosystem that fosters quality writing, constructive feedback and a supportive community.

The landing page for with top projects, activity feeds and touts
The homepage informs visitors of what Inkpop is for and bubbles up recent content..
Inkpop Community Leaders module
Inkpop writers who are prolific are touted in this homepage module.
The badges listing page
Users are incentivized by earning beautiful badges.
Inkpop Blog
The blog serves up related content.
Inkpop user profile page
User profiles inform and inspire others.
Inkpop before the Funny Garbage redesign
The old site was not tuned to appeal to a young writer demographic.
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