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Get Waggle Educational Platform


Project Description: 

Connected Student and Teacher Web Application Platform

Get Waggle is a practice-based online learning system for grades 3-8. Funny Garbage developed the brand for this platform and designed engaging, intuitive, and beautiful dashboards for Students and Teachers and a forward-moving recognition system that visualizes student progress toward goals set by the teacher. All interfaces were designed as touch-optimized and intended for use on tablets and laptop computers. 

The Teacher Dashboard includes a robust set of tools that help the teacher set benchmarks and a schedule toward CCSS proficiency in math and reading. Teachers have access to a Map illustrating the interconnectivity of CCSS-aligned skills. This map includes Google Maps-like layers to help visualize trends, highlight where students are struggling, and predict when goals will be met. Reports, powered by Knewton, are available on class, student, and standard levels. 

The Student Dashboard displays the list of goals a student is working toward and a visualization of the student's progress in the selected subject. A "lift-meter" on the left side of the screen moves up as a student becomes more proficient in skills and our unique reward system distributes virtual flying pigs and flocks of flying pigs for students to collect as they complete skills and goals. A talking cloud encourages students each time they arrive at the dashboard and informs them about their latest achievements or messages from the system or teacher. 

The Get Waggle system also includes 11 question types including multiple choice, hotspot, click-to-fill, graphing, drag-and-drop sorting, and more. Students struggling with a question can rely on scafolded hints; the Knewton-powered recommendation system will notify teachers in real-time when students appear to be struggling with specific skills. Funny Garbage designed and built the front-end and backend tools for the question types which enable Triumph Learning to create new questions through the Content Management System and improve the product's offerings over time. 



Student Dashboard
The Student Dashboard lists all assignments and displays the lift meter of the student's progress and any relevant messaging. Flocks of flying pigs are listed across the bottom.
Question type screenshot
This "hot spot" question type is designed for touch screens or laptops.
Screenshot of the Games section
Digital games are another fun learning asset available through the learning system.
The teacher dashboard reveals assigned skills and goals and projects the likelihood of on-time completion.
Teachers can click in to a student to view reports of his or her progress.
Teachers can also browse progress toward goal completion at the class level.
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  • Desktop
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible