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FG Original Holiday iOS App

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Project Description: 

Play FG original game KRAMPAGE!

In this original iOS game created by Funny Garbage, we take inspiration from the traditional story of Krampus, the much loved Eastern European Christmas demon, by asking players to help Krampus punish bad boys and girls for their unsavory behavior.


To start the game, users help Krampus get out of Hell by jumping from one firey rock to the next until he reaches the earths surface. On his way, he collects children's skulls for additional power-up points. Once on earth, Krampus enters into the homes of the misbehaving children, and punishes them by destroying their Christmas presents and carrying them back to his evil lair.


The stunning visual design was created by the team at Funny Garbage in collaboration with illustrator Rick Farr. Go to the iTunes store to download your complimentary copy today!

Krampage Title
Play the role of KRAMPUS, Santa's evil counterpart, in this fast paced iOS app that sports two game dynamics!
Krampage Game Screen 1
Jump from one firey rock to the next to get out of Hell!
Krampage Game Screen 2
Capture misbehaving children to teach them a lesson for their bad deeds!