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Experience Music Project Interactive Kiosks

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Kiosk Start Screen

Project Description: 

Are You Experienced? The EMP Kiosks Are . . . Just Ask Jimmy!

The opportunity to design and produce interactive kiosks for the Experience Music Project in Seattle was absolutely irresistible to Funny Garbage. In the conceptual approach to the project, FG strove to maintain a sense of continuity in user experience while effectively representing highly diverse music subjects. To achieve this goal, we created kiosks using technology and interface design that remained consistent while allowing flexibility to customize each exhibit’s content and user experience.

The potent combination of our passionate interest in pop culture, particularly rock n’ roll, and some of the most experienced interactive programmers, designers and producers in the world allowed FG to assemble an unrivaled team. This combination of passion and craft enabled us to produce technically advanced kiosks that could both dramatically encapsulate, as well as inform the EMP gallery exhibits.

Influenced by artwork from the relevant eras and genres of music, including vintage album covers, audio clips, and signage, the designs reflect FG’s command of the iconography of music.

Located throughout the museum galleries, each kiosk features a different aspect of rock music and its history including the rise of independent record labels, the punk scene in America, the history of the electric and acoustic guitars and the greatest rock records ever. Visitors navigate through each kiosk using touch screens to receive a rich multimedia experience that allows them to choose either a brief or in-depth exploration of each exhibit.

FG made innovative use of Macromedia Director in each kiosk, including fluid on-screen movement of 32-bit graphics and intricate design of stereo sound triggered by specific images. One of our favorite details is the virtual guitar, found in the history of the acoustic guitar kiosk, which visitors can actually pluck and strum as if they were holding an actual instrument.

Kiosk Start Screen
Pop culture at its finest with this touch screen menu.
Interactive Acoutic Guitar Interface
An enticing interface "riffing" off the look of an acoustic guitar.
Interactive Electric Guitar Interface
Learn the history of the electric guitar through interaction.
Example of a feature page about the rise of independent record labels
Capturing the iconography of music with the Independent Record Label Feature Page.