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ESPN's Sports Guy

Thumbnal images from The Sports Guy
Title Screen for The Sports Guy


Project Description: 

ESPN + Bill Simmons + Funny Garbage = The Sports Guy

Not many folks are equally able to discuss at length the finer points of basketball and Beverly Hills 90210, baseball and The Bachelor, touchdowns and celebrity touch-ups. The Sports Guy makes his living at it.

In 2004, Funny Garbage teamed up with to bring the acerbic wit of columnist and pop culture savant Bill Simmons to life in a series of animated shorts. With a rabid readership already in tow that includes both the hardcore sports addict as well as the casual fan, Bill and Funny Garbage sought to create a world with loose boundaries where Bill's vivid imagination could roam even more freely, and attract an even wider audience.

Placing a premium on relevance, Funny Garbage developed a production schedule to allow quick turnaround -- from the brain to the web in a single week -- to ensure that episode topics remained fresh. Produced in Flash, the one- to two-minute episodes were the first original content to roll out on ESPN Motion, a proprietary content delivery application. The success of the initial run quickly drew advertiser interest, allowing to sell and maintain sponsorship for subsequent production.


Title Screen for The Sports Guy
Scene of sports casters laughing from The Sports Guy
Scene of The Sports Guy on the couch watching TV
Scene of The Sports Guy watching ESPN with his friends
Scene of the ESPN Sports Casters for Sunday NFL Countdown
Casino scene from The Sports Guy
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