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The Electric Company SmashUp App

Thumbnail of the Electric Company Smash Up interface
The Electric Company Smash Up Challenge landing screen

Project Description: 

Hey You Guys! Video Smashup Fun With The Electric Company

Continuing a long line of successful interactive video applications, FG created the Electric Company SmashUp for Sesame Workshop. The SmashUp application consists of many challenges, featuring different characters from The Electric Company television series. All of the media files for each challenge are described in an XML document, making it easy for the site administrators to create new challenges each week, without further assistance from FG. As with other "mashup" tools, the user constructs a SmashUp composition in a creation tool, using the media assigned to that particular challenge, finishing by saving the SmashUp to a database. Their SmashUp then appears alongside others in a Gallery, where it is possible to view a SmashUp in a player, give the SmashUp a rating, or to Remix the composition back in the creation tool. Their own SmashUps also appear in their personal Profile.

The Electric Company Smash Up Challenge landing screen
Love to be challenged!? Check out the latest SMASHUP challenge!
The Smash Up viewer interface with player and queue of saved Smash Ups
Watch and Learn!
The Smash Up interface with display of assets, timeline and playback unit
Smash it up with your favorite characters from " The Electric Company."
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