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Electric Company DVD Promotional Website


Project Description: 

Electric Company DVD Promotional Website

The Sesame Workshop (formerly the Children’s Television Workshop) wanted a media-rich site which would both stir remembrance in original fans of The Electric Company (TEC) and also attract a new generation of devotees. Capturing the feel of the 1970s, bottling and preserving the time period and being able to uncork something fresh and new, was essential to the success of the design. Funny Garbage had just three weeks in which to accomplish this task, but succeeded in creating a space worthy of the revolutionary educational program. FG drew upon the abundant and inimitable sights, sounds and sets of TEC, merging audio, video and animation into an interactive and entertaining web experience. Live-action and illustrated characters dominate the Flash landscape, prompting viewers to recall long-lost viewing experiences and to share those stories with their children.

FG hatched an interface through which the user can easily access audio and video clips, research the genesis of the show and bios of its cast members, download desktop wallpapers, t-shirt iron-ons and instant message buddy icons, and connect with other fans through a blog, creating a community of shared recollections and happy memories.

A homepage with history and features of the future!
PC and Mac users can download wallpapers!
Answer Trivia!
Don't just get DVDs, get ringtones!
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