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Duck Dodgers Title Animation

Opening for Duck Dodgers in the 24.5 Century

Project Description: 

Duck DodgersDuck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 Century, With Tom Jones, Natch!

In 2003, Warner Brothers Animation, in collaboration with Cartoon Network, developed the Duck Dodgers property into a television show to air weekly on Cartoon Network. Funny Garbage was hired to design a compelling opening title sequence, no easy task when you consider our interstellar hero is a lazy, vanity-filled braggart who must defend the earth against an impending Martian invasion.

In order to visually narrate Daffy Duck’s transformation into Duck Dodgers without compromising the appeal of its classic characters, Funny Garbage combined painted graphics with treated line art and then placed those graphical elements within the vastness of outer space. Paintings of each of the characters were incorporated to establish their personalities while CGI footage from the actual show was integrated to enhance the overall appeal of the animation and effectively give the property an updated James Bond feel.

Opening for Duck Dodgers in the 24.5 Century
You are now entering the 24.5 Century!
Sample image displaying assorted images in a frame featuring Daffy Duck
Is that Daffy Duck's shadow!?
Sample image displaying assorted images of Porky Pig
Out-of-this-World example of the combination of painted graphics and treated lin
Sample frame from the title sequence featuring scenes from the show
A sample frame from the Duck Dodgers opening featuring Marvin the Martian