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CurveWorld of Indianapolis Marion County Public Library

Thumbnail o the CurveWorld interface
The safety and etiquette guide for CurveWorld

Project Description: 

Leave your Shoe & Explore the Curve World!

Let's face it: we all grow up hoping one day to have the chance to hurtle through space piloting a rocket-propelled wheel of cheese. It goes without saying. Well, now lucky students visiting The Learning Curve at Central Library in Indianapolis are able to live that dream — while strengthening literacy in information, technology and media along the way — as they blast off into CurveWorld!CurveWorld is actually a game-like interactive educational experience developed for The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library's high-tech learning facility, The Learning Curve. Focused on improving students' understanding and use of evolving digital media, CurveWorld provides a hands-on, immersive learning environment that engages the user's creativity and motivates intellectual curiosity.To begin their exploration of the virtual cosmos, children construct personalized transporters — strapping rocket boosters to lipstick, flying-V guitars and, yes, cheese — to navigate through space. After take-off, students chart their own courses, interacting with each other while also creating and sharing art, audio, video, and other projects. Through these activities, kids gain practical experience with real-life technology in a safe, nurturing environment.

The safety and etiquette guide for CurveWorld
Stay safe and polite in CurveWorld!
The Transporter setup screen
Create your very own transporter!
Screenshot of the CurveWorld game play
Chart your way through the intergalactic course!
Another Screenshot of the CurveWorld game play showing flying cheese
Ready, Set, Blastoff Cheese!
The news display within the game
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