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Curious George: HTML5 Analytic Problem Solving Games

Curious George:  Analytic Problem Solving Games
Curious George: Find the Dinosaurs Game Screen

Project Description: 

Learn with George!

Built by Funny Garbage with JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas, the series of Curious George educational activities encourages learning and analytic skills of pre-literate kids. Through this series of games, they will be able to learn observation, sorting, and memory skills. These online activities play on handheld and tablet mobile devices as well as standard computers with mouse and trackpad inputs.

Find the Dinosaurs: learn the names of dinasaur bones and learn how to assemble them into a full dinosaur skeleton.


Birdbrains: a Simon-Says like memory game for nature fans to recreate the order of the birds chirping in the forest.


Fishing With George: a fishing game that helps children learn to sort by sizes, colors, and shapes.


Magic Seeds: a gardening game that helps children learn to follow direction.


Curious George: Find the Dinosaurs Game Screen
In Find the Dinosaurs, children help Curious George uncover dinosaur bones and bring them to the museum. After learning the name of each bone, children will identify and match the bones in order to reconstruct the dinosaurs' skeleton. Once completed, George will tell the children a few interesting facts about each dinosaur.
Curious George: Fishing with George Game Screen
Fishing with George helps preschoolers learn basic sorting concepts through fishing. The game begins with George fishing, each fish is counted as it is caught. The fish are then sorted into different tanks based on a variable criteria, including the shapes, sizes, and colors.
Curious George: Bird Brain Game Screen
Birdbrains is a fun memory game, where five pairs of birds in bird roosts will take turns making calls. After the birds singing, the player must tap them to repeat the sequence of bird calls. This sequence continues to get longer and longer after each round until the player makes a mistake. Each game will have a unique song sequence so that no two games are ever alike.
Curious George: Magic Seeds Game Screen
Magic Seeds is a planting and sorting game that also challenges listening skills. Kids are asked to choose specific seeds from a large selection, each labeled with the name and image of the plant. After watering the seeds, the kids get to watch them grow, while the Man with the Yellow Hat teaches them interesting facts about all the plants in the garden.
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