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Curious George: Exploration Games

Curious George: Exploration Games
Curious George: George's Neighborhood Game Screen

Project Description: 

HTML5 Interactive Game Design

Funny Garbage created a series of HTML5 games for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to encourage engagement in the story of Curious George’s world. FG used JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas to create a game that works equally well on a desktop or tablet for kids to enjoy anywhere. 

George's Neighborhood: an interactive game where children seek hidden people and objects throughout George's neighborhood.

Socor Mini-Golf: an interactive game where children kick a soccor ball into goals on a mini-golf course.


Curious George: George's Neighborhood Game Screen
George's Neighborhood combines the fun of the Curious George’s lift-the-flaps book with compelling gameplay of classics like "Hide-and-Seek," and "Where's Waldo?” Players begin by exploring the neighborhood with George by panning left and right in this big interactive tableau, and are then prompted to find an object or a person hidden in the scene for each of ten randomly generated missions. This endlessly exploratory game offers unique combinations of gameplay every time the player returns.
Curious George: Soccer Mini Golf
In Soccer Mini Golf, players improve motor skills by learning how to kick soccer balls into a series of "goals". Using a mechanism similar to Angry Birds, players get three chances to shoot the ball into an assigned goal such as a rabbit hole or a chimney that are placed throughout the mini-golf course. Players earn points by hitting the goal or get a strike if they miss three times. Gameplay is enhanced by fun special effects and sounds that give feedback throughout the game.
  • Desktop
  • Tablet Compatible