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Crayola Pop Art Pixies

Detail of the homepage rotator
Site Homepage Displaying User Feed, Pixie Characters, and Promotional Rotator


Project Description: 

Get Crafty with Your Friends the Pop Art Pixies

The Pop Art Pixies of Crayola: Naomi, Maya, Tatum and Skye, are “Friending” the world one tween at a time while creating and sharing awesome crafts and artwork both in the real world and online.

When Crayola approached Funny Garbage to create a virtual world to immerse girls in the exciting world of the Pop Art Pixies, we pitched the idea that the characters launch their own COPPA compliant social network website based around their love of crafting. Naomi does the coding, Maya creates the look and art, Skye creates the avatars and Tatum oversees the promotion and finds online friends who love art and crafting. The site has Facebook-like functionality such as user profiles, friending, sharing, and avatars.

When first arriving at the site, fans can meet the Pixies by watching an animated video that introduces the characters and their world.

Once on the site, fans can use custom applications to create an avatar in the style of the Pop Art Pixies. Choosing from different backgrounds, facial features, body parts, clothing and accessories, girls can create a highly individualized avatar to represent themselves on the social network of the site. The tools can also be used to create artwork, both for display on the site and to customize the real world crafts that are part of the Pixie universe. Each Crayola craft kit is featured on the site through the social network that shows how tween girls across America are customizing their art through the use of the online Collage Activities.

FG created the Pop Art Pixies website using Flash for the applications and Cold Fusion for the site build and CMS. User generated content was supported and moderated using Pluck, a third party SAAS.

Funny garbage infused the physical crafting product with an online component through the user generated art tools and added a real world dimension to the Pop Art Pixies characters and story, to inspire product loyalty, usage and sharing among the fan group.


Site Homepage Displaying User Feed, Pixie Characters, and Promotional Rotator
Social networking, age appropriate graphics and fun craft like virtual activities add interest and context to a consumer product
Site Homepage Displaying User Feed, Pixie Characters, and Promotional Rotator
The homepage wearing it's 2011 re-skin to match new packaging
Site Avatar Maker Interface
An avatar maker, amongst many activities, designed in the style of the Pop Art Pixie signature characters
Crayola Pop Art Pixie Product Display Page
A series of color coded columns to display an ever growing range of consumer products
Example of Character Profile Displaying Tatum
A Pixie profile page designed to inspire girls to sign up and create their own profiles
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