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Crayola Liv Website



Project Description: 

Liv Large with Crayola

LIV is a trailblazing division for the Crayola brand, not simply because of its focus on the tween demographic, but also because the site empowers users to decorate their own school supplies.

LIV Crayola launched a full range of tween focused and fully customizable back to school supplies at Target in Fall 2010. To empower tweens to customize the supplies, Funny Garbage created a user friendly application featuring art creation tools ranging from paint brushes and pens to pattern makers including an inexhaustible range of fully customizable clip art and a tool to upload and manipulate user photos. The site also offers a “Mood Quiz” for users to select their favorite kind of music, color, etc., allowing the design tool to generate a different custom illustration based on their personality.

The final product is then exported into various formats: printed on sheets of computer paper to slip into each item in the product line, uploaded as computer or cell phone wallpaper, and even made into clothing items linked through a third party website, Now, kids can strut down the hallway in a custom outfit that matches their shirt, which matches their pens, hat, cell phone, planner, locker set, everything, even down to their underpants. Man, that new level of cool almost makes us want to go back to high school!

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