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Crayola Creations Website

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Creations home page


Project Description: 

Channel Your Inner Fashionista with Catwalk Creations

Crayola has been releasing online tools that extend their various product lines and Funny Garbage has helped to usher this trusted brand into the twenty-first century.

In 2011, the Crayola International team released Catwalk Creations fashion design kits, part of their Crayola Creations product line, aimed at young girls 6-10. The kits include a miniature mannequin, fabric swatches, creative tools, and craft accessories that girls use to create their own link of miniature outfits.

FG was hired to design and develop an accompanying online Flash application that girls can use to design additional garments using custom created patterns and shapes. Each Catwalk Creations kit is supplied with faux fabric sheets –paper that can be loaded into a standard inkjet printer– for girls to print the garments they create on the site. Registered users can save their created garments on the site until they have enough to fill an entire sheet of faux fabric.

Additionally, FG was asked to redesign and rebuild the Creations website, overhauling the information architecture and look and feel of the previous site. The new design included a homage rotator with embedded video player as well as promotional tools and templates for the products in the line.

FG built the site to support international localization which included XML management tools for implementing versions of the site in languages other than English including French, Spanish, and Italian.

Creations home page
The title card rotator on the homepage introduces the two digital activities under the umbrella of Catwalk Creations.
Title page for Fashion Designer
The title page for Fashion Designer gives the user a basic explanation of how it works.
Make Patterns section of Fashion Designer
A dynamic pattern making interface allows users to easily craft patterns while viewing them in repeat.
Design Garments section of Fashion Designer
Here you can browse a range of garments, displayed on mannequins, the way they would look printed and put onto the product.
Title page for Boutique Designer
The title page for Boutique Designer gives the user a basic explanation of how it works.
Select template section of Boutique Designer
This is where you can select which piece of signage you would like to design and print.
Print interface for Boutique Designer
Once you have designed your signage you have an opportunity to lay out your items on a page before you print.
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