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Crank Yankers TV Show

Thumbnail of Special Ed from the Crank Yankers
Image of Special Ed from the Crank Yankers

Project Description: 

Puppets + Crank Phone Calls = Genius

Funny Garbage was asked to design the identity, puppets, sets, and production design for one of the most innovative and daring television shows to launch in recent years, Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers. Executive producers Daniel Kellison, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla, producers and stars of “The Man Show,” approached Funny Garbage with the challenge to design appealing, entertaining puppets, sets, and signage that communicated the bawdy and over-the-top urban flavor of the show.

The results were phenomenal: startling felt puppets who come to life and populate engaging, dense sets, show opens, transitions, and animations.

Crank Yankers’ animations and effects showcase FG’s highly developed, proprietary hybrid of graphics layering, After Effects, and Flash.

Image of Special Ed from the Crank Yankers
Old man puppet from Crank Yankers
African American woman puppet from Crank Yankers
Scene from Crank Yankers
Bathroom scene with Puppets from Crank Yankers
These skit introductions show the layering of a hybrid of graphics
This hilarious skit shows the versatility of the mixed media approach