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Comedy Central Website

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Bringing Comedy to Your Workplace

Comedy Central approached Funny Garbage to create a site that would tap the creativity of their diverse audience, use the latest in web technology, and be ready for next generation applications. Our goal was to make a site that would involve the audience and deliver laughs from the first click. We offered users a destination they would long to be part of.

FG developed the site using Dynamo Control Center with InterwovenTeamSite to create an experience that was modular and flexible enough to take advantage of next generation applications like wireless services and interactive television, yet highly appealing to the web surfers of today.'s community area allows members to seek out like-minded souls, interact with them via chat, message boards, and instant messaging tools, and contribute original content to the Homegrown Humor section. The site's use of Flash is both functional and fun. It is integrated with the back end so the programming schedule can be fed in on a daily basis, but Flash is also used in revolving feature movies on the home page which helps us to deliver a quick, no-click chuckle when user's first see the site.

FG's passion for interactivity was the motivation behind the Card-O-Rator, an FG exclusive that was licensed to for their Timewasters section. The South Park Card-O-Rator enables users to compose and send interactive Flash e-cards, by choosing backgrounds and animated characters from the South Park TV show. As Stan from South Park might say: "Dude -- that kicks ass!"

The homepage
Landing page for the Timewasters section with calls to action
Landing page for the Web Shows section including featured videos and categories
Landing page for the TV shows section with touts for shows
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