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Cartoon Network's Web Premiere Toons

Thumbnail of the Cartoon Network Web Premiere Toons Website
Landing page for the Web Premiere Toons Website

Project Description: 

What? Cartoon's on the Web? Cartoon Network & Funny Garbage Did it First!

After designing, producing and launching to phenomenal success, it was a natural progression for Funny Garbage (FG) to create new forms of content appropriate to the brand identity of the site. Along with Creative Director, Sam Register, we developed a series of highly popular interactive animations branded as Web Premier Toons. The debut series, “The Pink Donkey and The Fly” , featured the work of Gary Panter, best known for creating designs and characters for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. FG went on to produce many more animations including "B. Happy" with Mark Newgarden, "Coot Country" with Panter, a re-launch of "Banana Splits." FG created a new medium based upon the idea that traditional character-based animation could be made interactive without sacrificing its established values. FG’s application of Flash technology was so successful that Macromedia consulted with FG while developing updated versions of the software.

Landing page for the Web Premiere Toons Website
Shorts. Interactive Movies. Originals. All three equals Web Premier Toons homepage.
The Web Premiere Toons interface for the Originals category
Originals! Enough Said.
Interface of the Web Premiere Toons interface for Interactive Movies
Don't just watch cartoons, play a part in the interactive movies!
The Shorts section of the Web Premiere Toons site
More shorts means more cartoons to watch!
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