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Boomkat "What You Do To Me" Music Video

Project Description: 

Boomkat "What You Do To Me" Music Video

Boomkat, a pop band featuring lead singer, Taryn Manning, teamed with director Marcus Raboy to create a video for "What U Do To Me." Funny Garbage created and implemented the special effects for the video which required a strong 80's design sense.

The concept behind the video was inspired by the effects featured in the iconic?1980 film "Xanadu." Oddly, the advancements in technology made the current special effects too good. We had to simplify effects in order to replicate the lo-fi graphic quality available 20 years ago.

FG completed all our work in post-production, getting the footage after the video was shot and edited, and sending the final product to the director's on-line facility.

What a RAINBOW special effect!
Woah! Soooo Retro!
Soooo 80's!
Dude! Look at those glasses!
Intentional lo-fi graphics for a Xanadu inspired music video.