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Bob the Builder Website


Project Description: 

Can We Fix It, Yes We CAN with Bob the Builder

Hit Entertainment taped FG to relaunch their popular Bob the Builder brand in the UK, creating an exciting new interactie experience using the newly debuted 3D artwork.

FG created a visual design system that leverages the CGI graphics from the new style guide to immerse visitors in Bob’s world. Brick walls and wooden fences contain the primary and ancillary content of the site’s pages and the backgrounds are based on the Fixham Harbor landscape. The Parents section also got a major face lift, with the addition of a distinct and clean visual style suited for parental content.

A fresh look at the user experience created a clean updated structure that will support growth as more content is added. FG also created an action based taxonomy for the primary navigation, and added vocal cues on rollover to accommodate pre-literate users.

To ease the burden on the marketing team, we created a flexible competition system that allows Hit's team to quickly and easily publish exclusive promotions directly on the site. A graphic banner displays across the top of the site interface when a competition is available, enticing site visitors to participate.

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