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Batman: The Brave and the Bold Game Builder

Thumbnail image of Batman from the Game start screen
The start screen for Batman The Brave and the Bold


Project Description: 

Holy Batman! Create a Custom Game!

The Game Builder is a flash-based application which allows users to create and share their own custom created games featuring Batman teamed up with one of his superhero pals such as Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Red Tornado or Plastic Man.

Instead of simply engaging in game play based on system generated routines, the Game Builder empowers users to compose their own unique gaming experience by placing obstacles and villains amongst platforms of their own creation. Once finished creating their game, the entire community can play, rate, and even use the game as a starting point for their own game creation via the use of "game chains". Users can also share their games, browse games that other community members have composed, and rate and favorite other users creations.

To date over 150,000 games have been generated by the community.

The start screen for Batman The Brave and the Bold
Build and play action packed side scrolling brawlers.
An example of the gameplay from Batman The Brave and The Bold
Kick and punch your way through exciting platform levels.
An example of the Game Builder interface
Easy to use tools for building your own game creations.
The Community listing page
Explore a universe of player created levels
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