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Barnes & Noble E-card Site


Project Description: 

Barnes & Noble E-card Site

Seeking to expand its user base and enhance its brand identity, took an unprecedented step in recruiting an outside firm to bring fresh ideas and production capabilities to create an entirely new content channel for their web business.

FG was selected to conceptualize and execute the eCard site, as well as much of the original content that launched with the site, including an entirely original online greeting card, the iCard. The iCard allows users to customize and send personalized cards from the site without any additional browser plug-ins.

This project best illustrates how FG is able to integrate three disparate production models into one cohesive product. First, we designed and produced a site and publishing system to function within existing graphic branding, complex back end functionality and an intricate server structure.

Next, we identified and collaborated with the best graphic artists and writers available in order to generate compelling, high quality eCard content to populate the site. Finally, we conceived and developed a new type of interactive card that utilizes user friendly, server side technology to fashion unique forms of content for the web.

Send a free eCard for any occasion.
Personalize you card with a message and music.
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