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Adventure Masters Mobile Game


Project Description: 

Protect Finn and Jake from the Evil Litch King

Funny Garbage designed an Adventure Time mobile game for the release of the Cartoon Network app for iOS. In the game, players help Finn, armed with the gauntlet of the Hero Billy*, as he defends the Land of OOO from attack. 

Players touch the screen with their finger to send energy bolts in a given direction as enemies approach him. When a player has accumulated enough energy, he can tap the "Jake Attack" button to send Jake flying as a cannonball towards the player's finger target. When an enemy is hit with an energy bolt or the “Jake Attack” it will be retreat from Finn and off the screen. Occasionally, power-up icons appear on screen. Shooting power-ups before they fall off screen activate special powers for a limited time. The game continues until an approaching attacker reaches Finn.

Score is awarded based on the length of time played. Energy, which can be used in the Cartoon Network app’s DNA Lab, is awarded to players on a 1-5 scale based on score.


*Hey you Adventure Time Geeks, read more ab out the gauntlet

  • Apple Store
  • Tablet Compatible
  • Mobile Compatible