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You Know You're a Project Manager If.....

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You Know You're a Project Manager If.....

– by Ali Valenti
Illustration by Malik Moore

In a world where your team showing up on time AND with a pen, makes you feel like a proud parent…it’s clear the little things get Project Managers excited. But that’s not all! Here are 12 things you inevitably have in common with your fellow PM's (besides needing a vacation).

1. 'To do' lists excite you.

2. You have at least one project, which was the bane of your existence. Everyone around you knows not to mention it out loud.

3. You create Google doc vacation itineraries.

4. You try to come up with unique endings to emails so that you are not constantly saying 'Thanks' to people for no reason whatsoever.

5. You have nightmares about 'scope creep'.

6. Bullet points are included in 95% of the emails you send. You’ll find a reason to incorporate them even if they aren’t necessary.

7. You know that if you don't physically escort people into meetings, they will somehow get lost on the way.

8. Your resume is so cliché and includes words like 'detail oriented', ‘pro-active’, ‘team player’, and ‘problem solver’…. But you really are those things, so they stay on your resume anyway.

9. You really, really appreciate nice clients.

10. You are more efficient working on 4 projects at one time, than concentrating on just 1.

11. You can never have too many exclamation points!!!!!

12. You have at least one breakthrough project where you felt like you actually chose the right career path in life. (Don’t get used to it. Tomorrow is a new day.)