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  • Famous Movie Quotes in Code– by John La

    Would you be able to guess a movie scene based on code? We developers in all our geekiness have developed a game of recreating famous movie scenes in pseudo-code. Nerdy but fun. Bonus points for creative code and scene insight! #justForFun

  • Loving Offscreen Magazine– by Andy Pratt

    Offscreen Magazine is a new print magazine that explores the people behind the pixels. Long form interviews and photo essays delve into the lives of the designers and developers that shape our digital world. In my reading so far, I'm impressed not only by the magazine's content, but by its high quality feel: the paper has a nice tactile quality, and its design is top notch. It is itself an object of beauty, which makes me want to collect and cherish each issue.

  • FG Observes Earth Hour 2012– by Dan Willig

    Earth Hour is coming up! Join us on Saturday, March 31 at 8:30 PM when we'll be switching off all non-essential lights for an hour (yes, our smart phones and tablets too) to raise awareness about climate change.

    Earth Hour is an annual event held on the last Saturday of March. It was started by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 in Sidney and has been spreading across the globe, gaining momentum each year. You can read more about it at

  • 3D Printing... The Next BIG Thing?– by Fred Kahl

    Thanks to the promise of DIYers, 3D printing is fast taking off as the next big thing. While expensive 3D printers can print in many materials and have been available for years, these new affordable extrusion machines print in plastic by building up layer after layer of material until a whole object is made. Think of it like a machine that draws with a hot glue gun. The machine moves on the X and Y axis to make a flat 2D drawing, then it moves up (the Z axis) and makes another drawing on top of the first, moves up, makes another drawing, etc. Over many, many layers, a full object is printed out. The ramifications are amazing- someday every home will have its own tiny factory!

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