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Loving Offscreen Magazine

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Loving Offscreen Magazine

– by Andy Pratt
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Offscreen Magazine is a new print magazine that explores the people behind the pixels. Long form interviews and photo essays delve into the lives of the designers and developers that shape our digital world. In my reading so far, I'm impressed not only by the magazine's content, but by its high quality feel: the paper has a nice tactile quality, and its design is top notch. It is itself an object of beauty, which makes me want to collect and cherish each issue.

As I read through Issue #1, it occurred to me that the magazine will last longer than most of the digital projects it profiles. Interactive experiences are always temporal. Still, this reality doesn't hinder the passion, creativity and hard work of the people who pursue this craft. I myself consider notable interactive experiences to be handcrafted works of art. Sure, maybe you need to expand your notion of "handcrafted" to agree. But that should be nothing new: digital design constantly forces us to reshape our views, relationships, industries. Why not our definition of words, too?

Check out this magazine. Order a subscription before Issue #2 hits the shelves.