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Project Management Intern

Job Description:

A project management internship focuses on learning what's involved in developing and managing projects from the business development stage to the project stage through completion. This internship involves working with Producers on 1-2 projects and trailing them to learn the basics of project management (i.e. process, scheduling, how to manage a team, balancing creativity, documentation). Interns could feasibly provide support on tasks such as posting designs, asset management, documentation and working with the team. Interns also have the opportunity to work with business development on proposals to learn what goes into a variety of pitches. Interns could also be assigned a variety of internal organizational projects that will round out their introduction to project management.

Required Skills:

Applicants must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. It is preferable to have a basic understanding of HTML.


Required Field

Must be in DOC, RTF or PDF format, max size: 5mb